When I start to get tired and exhausted I’m no good to anyone. I was thinking about one of my favorite characters to see what I could learn about this season I sometimes go through. Moses is always given credit for being a major biblical hero – and for good reason! He definitely is one of the top 10 characters to study, for sure. 

As Moses was walking with the Lord, trying to lead the people, listen to their constant complaints, oversee the building of the Lord’s promised land and tabernacle, and stay encouraged – I can only imagine he would get weak and tired at times.

To be honest, he sounds like a worn out mama who’s tired and exhausted.

A mama who has had to do countless loads of laundry, make lunches that children complained about, get everyone to practice and school on time, make all due dates at work, try to fit in a workout of two, and so much more. We definitely get weak and tired. It’s a part of this life we choose.

Right now, I’m personally struggling to keep my eyes open to finish this post, knowing that I have some folding to do and still need to cook dinner. I’m realizing that the feeling I have is not that I’m unhappy or can’t find my joy – it’s that I’m overwhelmed at the moment. The number of decisions I’ve made today is uncalled for and I need rest. I’m officially too tired and exhausted to keep at the level I’m going – especially now at 8 months pregnant.

But, that doesn’t mean that we have to go it alone.

Every step that Moses took, Aaron was not far behind. When Moses entered the tabernacle, Aaron was there to carry out the plans. Aaron and Hur saw how much Moses endured and beautifully supported him when he couldn’t go any further by literally holding up his arms during a tough assignment.

This gesture of Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of a man who we deem a hero just shows how necessary it is for us to allow others to hold us up at times.

We all need support, and at each stage of motherhood, it can look different. In the beginning you might need a few hours of babysitting so you can take a nap or get some grocery shopping done. Then, in the high school years you might need to find a carpool system so you can juggle a busy schedule.

For me, the latest thing I murmured was that we needed to up our house cleaner’s schedule. I haven’t been communicating and definitely won’t get the help I need if I don’t. Having her come twice a month instead of once when the new baby comes will be a blessing. Then I started thinking of other help I could use, and now we have a plan to move forward.

No matter when or what season you are in, take solace that even a great accepted help to make sure that the greater mission, the desired outcome could be accomplished. And that, should be the focus.

What is the one thing you could use to get past this season of exhaustion?