Having a great first month after heading back to school doesn’t happen by accident. Each year you learn more and more about what it takes to get your child’s back to school schedule ironed out. Adding in the additional pressure of remembering to bring their masks and stress that may affect them as they worry about getting sick, makes that schedule and routine all the more comforting. Instead of just winging the first few weeks to see how they pan out, you can ease into the transition this fall. Here’s how:

1. Follow your regular traditions of your back to school schedule

If you take a first day of school picture every year, don’t neglect it if you are keeping your child at home for the first few weeks, or deciding to home school for now. Other traditions you might have are cooking a specific breakfast, stopping at your favorite ice cream place after the first week, or heading to do something fun after they’ve worked hard. Try to still do these activities so that your child knows that this year is just as special, and that you have the same expectations of a great school year as normal.

2. Make sure the whole family gets enough sleep

I have talked a lot about rest lately, and it’s for good reason. When everyone is rested we all function 1,000 times better. Our attitudes are different, we have energy, and we can focus on what we need to focus on. The same goes for children, when they are getting all of their rest and taking naps if needed, they are recharged to face whatever school has for them!

3. Also, make sure they are eating right

Eating healthy goes hand in hand with getting sleep and rest. If you are like us, you’ve snacked throughout the entire quarantine period. I’ve even started buying things I never buy with ingredients I don’t even want to look up. But, it was summer so I let go and let live! Now, it’s time to buckle down again. Make sure your children are getting a good breakfast, a healthy lunch if possible, and are snacking on foods that will refuel them.

4. Get organized

I can’t say this enough – planning leads to more success! My day goes so much smoother when I:

  • Have our calendars filled out and aren’t guessing or rushing from place to place and being late
  • Planned and prepped for dinner
  • Know what my day is looking like
  • Can find all of my necessary items

Take some time each week for the first few weeks of school and get your house, your calendar, and your schedule organized. I even cleaned out my fridge, because you know, we’ve been snacking – bad! This is not something I used to prioritize, but now that I do, it’s time well spent.

5. Say affirmations and validate your child

I firmly believe that our words come to happen. When we speak life into things they really come alive and true. Let your child know that they are loved and will have a great school year. Let them know that they don’t have to worry because you have made sure they are as safe and stay as healthy as possible. Tell them that you are available if they are concerned about anything with going back to school and can talk through any issues that come up. You know your children and can do this in the best way it makes sense. Just, make sure to do it!

Getting back in the habit of heading to school and creating a back to school schedule doesn’t have to be painful. Start with these tips and that first month should be just as great as any other year!