Amber Aaron Mosley shared a reminder that we HAVE to ask for what we need and not assume our partner can read our minds. As a mom of 2 and wife, she’s implementing this into her life and seeing the benefits.

Amber is an international stylist, style consultant, freelance writer and owns a business with her husband. She’s also one of the co-founders of Moms in Color, a collective of diverse mothers who gather in Los Angeles.

Amber always knew she wanted to be a mom, so we talk about how guilt was something she wasn’t expecting as much once she had children.

As full time entrepreneurs, she and her husband are always around their children so figuring out how to make it all work is what the challenge has been.

She had to stop assuming her husband knew what she needed just because they were so close. Her husband takes the time he needs, so she realized she had to do the same, even though it’s so different for moms to just get away.

We discuss why we have to step outside of our comfort zone to make things happen that we want in our lives and what it feels to be in a room with others who look and think like us.

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