Nicole Cole is an expert on all things learning through play and as a busy mom she gets it when it’s been a long day but you still want to engage with your child and make time to play with your children. She talks on the podcast today about how to fit it in when we’re tired from work, commutes, and being around other people.

Nicole expresses the need for moms to regularly advocate for themselves – we talk about how vital this is. She says it’s important to be intentional about learning through play and play based learning – because it offers children ways to socialize after she saw the results in the classroom.

She suggest to try different materials and let them just play to encourage independent play. This makes it easy to do after a busy day, especially when you have open ended toys so there is no planning needed.

We get into how we can get our spouses involved if they’re not up on why this method is so important. Nicole reminds us that when others play with your children it might not look like how you play with them.

I would encourage moms to really advocate for yourselves, even if it’s a new job…let your employer know things have changed.

Nicole Cole

People don’t always know, you have to actually voice, “I need help right now”.

Nicole Cole

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