Who do you need in your mom tribe?

Personal mom tribes are necessary – we can’t expect everyone to understand the joys of motherhood like cleaning up blowouts, eating your food cold after everyone else was fed, and hearing your name called for 15 minutes straight with no end in sight.

Why is it important:

–          You need people around you to support you

–          They get what you’re going through

–          So you won’t feel alone or think you’re the only one who’s dealing with it

–          So you can be a better mom by having an outlet and seeing how others do it

Types of people you need in your mom tribe:

  1. Sage wisdom
  2. Fun and spontaneous/cool mom
  3. Encourager and Prayer Partner
  4. The one who tells you what you NEED to hear
  5. Old time friend – who knew you before you were a mom


Now for the extra stuff I promised:

Some tips about this tribe:

–          Don’t feel guilty if you don’t stay in touch regularly, we all get it

–          These women get what you’re going through, so use this time to vent if you need to or ask for help and solicited advice (not like the unsolicited advice you got when pregnant that you probably forgot about)

–          This should be a no judging space – so make sure you pick people that can accept this

–          Keep the number to a comfortable amount – if only 2 people can be in your tribe because that’s all the energy you have at the moment, it’s ok, but if you like a bigger crowd, go for it.

–          Your tribe of mom friends is there to celebrate with you and laugh with you and cry with you and help you get through motherhood with your sanity

–          Your mom tribe is there to support you and help you know your worth and that you are a good parent

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