When is the last time you made a mom’s summer bucket list? This summer is not going to be like what you planned. Let’s all say goodbye to that vision of extensive travel, trying a ton of new restaurants and jumping up to go places. With quarantine and everyone practicing social distancing you might not get to do everything that you wanted to do.

My husband and I were planning a big trip to France for our anniversary and his 40th birthday and needless to say the week before I was planning to hit purchase on some plane tickets to Paris, Corona hit! I’ve been sad about it but we still have other plans we’re prioritizing instead.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned to love after experiencing a pandemic, it’s the slow pace of summer. Well, it’s slow consistently for now, and I’m loving it. I have less distractions and fewer things pulling for my attention and time. So, here’s the chance to make some new memories and dive into some of the simpler tasks I can do right at home. I’m also cooking more, trying out some new recipes, and calling more friends – I’m a new person this summer!

There’s still plenty to do this summer and you can still check everything off your mom’s summer bucket list. I’ve created one and shared some ideas here to get you going.

To make this perfect for the whole family, you can add more summer activities that the kids can join in on like tie dye shirts, diy puzzles, and picnics outside.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Read 5 Books
  2. Sip Margarita’s After Kids Bedtime
  3. Zoom Game Night
  4. Bike Neighborhood
  5. One Day Social Media Break
  6. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  7. Surprise Someone
  8. Visit a New Park
  9. Enjoy the Sunset with Someone You Love

What are you adding to your summer bucket list?