This year I’m having fun with these holidays and sharing some last minute gift ideas! I actually decorated for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, hosted Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving I cooked a full meal (minus the dessert) and will probably contribute for Christmas dinner.

We’ve had guests over a few weekends for some family and friend fun. I took the boys to the Holiday in the park and we’re going to see lights in a few weeks. So much holiday fun to be had and most of this was free so that makes it even better!

I definitely contribute my love for getting out and doing all of the cheesy holiday things like going to see lights and making hot chocolate to my mom. She always took us to stuff like that when we were younger.

For gift giving, I’m even getting ahead of what I usually do. Which is wait until the last minute to order everything and pay rush shipping or buy gifts that I’m not thrilled about but because of time running out I get stuck.

One year I stressed out so bad and ended up with the worst gifts. They were not creative or really thoughtful because I was overthinking it. I should have just gotten people things I knew they would like based off of their habits. I prefer to give gifts that can be used and enjoyed right away.

However, I know that last minute gift buying is a real thing so I’m sharing some ideas to relieve some of the stress you may be feeling. To up the ante, I’m mixing in some of my FAVORITE things from the year, a la Oprah style, in hopes that you get something good for yourself too!

Fanny packs are back!

So as a mom with a diaper bag, I’m always having to dig down to the bottom to get my keys, cell phone, and wallet. Now that cuter fnny packs are a thing I’m so excited to get one and keep my own personal things handy and easily grabable.

Target Fanny Packs

Cheaper Designer Styles


I’m constantly gifting candles and hoping to receive candles year round. These are a few of my favorite brands that are nicer than the average – and the scents are heavenly!

Cozy Wicks

Nest Fragrances


The SOi Company

Gift them something toward their dreams

Just about everyone you know has been talking about something they want to start or do more of. If you’re paying attention this can make it easy to gift them something that can kick start their dream as the new year starts. Be it a tool they need, an online class or ebook, a planner, business cards, a camera, etc. You get the idea!

Air Pods

I may be the only one without a pair, but chances are those who have them have lost one or two anyways. So an extra pair (even the knock off version) is an easy grab and go gift.

Alexa Echo

Make life easier for someone with an Alexa Echo. With one voice your friends and family can control their house – pretty cool and something they probably haven’t bought themselves if their aren’t super techie!

Alexa Products


Rachel’s Favorite Things

I’m loving this Cozitot wrap! It’s stretchy and keeps my hands free. I love to have my hands open so that I can still cook, clean, take a walk, etc. while holding and wearing my baby.

My Microsoft Surface has saved the day. After my previous laptop died for the 145th time I had to get something new. I’m loving that I can throw this in any purse and keep it moving and have the ability to work anywhere.

Lastly, I am loving press on nails! Just like the fanny pack they are making a comeback and I’m all in. I find mine for $7-$10 at Target and Ulta in fun colors and designs. I pop them on and I’m ready to go in a matter of minutes. I just don’t have time for the nail salon anymore and I don’t get mad if they break off or mess up!

So what do you think? Will you grab any of these for someone or yourself?