Even before I was stuck in quarantine, I wasn’t doing what I needed to wake up earlier than my children and get a few things done. I realize that the morning is a great time to knock out some work, write in my journal, or just shower alone – but I have been slacking. Now, I’m getting serious about waking up earlier and this is how I’m going to do it. Listen to the episode for more details and join us in The Dawning to challenge yourself to wake up earlier for 10 days.

Benefits of Waking Up Earlier

  • Reduces Stress
  • Gain Time
  • Time to take care of yourself
  • Healthier Day

How to Become a Morning Person

  • Pick the time you want to wake up everyday – be consistent
  • Start with a list of what you want to do
  • Use Technology to Your Advantage
  • Plan at Night
  • Be Flexible and See What Works

Join The Dawning, a challenge to help us all get up earlier and see the benefits of a great morning routine.

Members of the challenge will get:

  • Daily emails with journal prompts, a prayer or meditation, and to do list template that you can fill in
  • Text reminders
  • Access to the pop up Facebook group