After the baby comes it can be difficult to get back to who you are in your relationship. Especially if we’ve had a difficult birth, the last thing we’re thinking about is how to bond with your spouse after having the baby. As moms we are physically and mentally torn between being a source of comfort, love, food, and more for our babies. As they get older that desire to do for them doesn’t go away completely.

But, when we are in relationships we have to remember that our relationship needs to be on the list of priorities. Keeping our relationship a priority will help in keeping a healthy relationship with our husband or partner after the baby. When our children are grown and gone our spouses will be there and we don’t want to wait until then to rebuild our relationships.

When I think about what I want to do with my husband we gravitate towards the same things – going out to eat or the movies. But, in 2020 I’m ready to change that – it’s time to get creative before we find ourselves in a rut. I want to keep the romance alive with a baby and toddler at home.

It’s important to continue to grow the relationship as the family grows. Also, if you’re like me and tend to overthink things – make it easy on yourself. Just focus on what would be fun to do and do that to bond with your spouse after baby, just schedule it, sis!

Here are 10 ways to bond with your spouse after baby:

1.Watch your favorite shows in bed

We’ve gotten to the point where we have running lists of shows we want to watch on Netflix. Now, we watch them together so we have an easy go to when we want to unwind. Plus, I have a built in partner to talk about the show with.

2. Massage

I’m the first to admit, giving massages are not one of my favorite things to do. However, I know that if I want to receive I have to also give. I’m trying to make it more fun by getting some good smelling oils and trying out new techniques I learned from YouTube.

3. Make plans with them to try a new hobby

I’ve been seeing these hatch and axe throwing classes, so I’m dragging my husband to one this summer! I’ve never done this before and I’m sure it will definitely spice things up and give us a chance to do something outside of our norm.

4. Ask each other random questions

It’s so easy to Google couples and relationship quizzes. Answering these questions make for great practice communicating better with your husband. Or you could find something fun like challenges that you can do together. Maybe even record them to watch and laugh at later.

5. Learn something new together

My husband was the one to teach me how to fish and I was the one to teach him how to grill the fish! We used to have so much fun when we were trying to explain our passions to each other. It’s time we picked some new traits and teach them to each other – this brings us together because we’re sharing something we love to do with the person who we love.

bond with your spouse after baby

6. Take photos of each other

If your spouse is great behind or in front of the camera why not take an afternoon and update your profile pictures, headshots, or just create your own couple photo album. Places like Shutterfly and Minted are great because you can just upload your photos and make your own book.

7. Cook a meal together

Every month I get the Bon Appetit magazine and I’m always tearing out recipes. These are usually difficult and have ingredients that we don’t have. I’m putting it on the calendar for us to go grocery shopping together and making the meal at home – while the kids are preoccupied, FYI!

8. Travel and do a staycation

Two summers ago we took a staycation and became tourists in our own town. It was fun to try out places we would never stop at because we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, or didn’t feel like taking the time out. This is something we need to do in another neighborhood close to us.

9. Share affirmations with each other

Lately I’ve been intentional about teaching my son to use affirmations when we drive to school each morning. The other day he actually did something on his own and said, “I did it because I can do anything!” That made me so happy! But, I realized I don’t know what my husband is working to affirm in himself and never shared mine with him – this is definitely something we can do to bond and keep learning about each other.

10. Scroll

How many times have we individually been on our phones scrolling social media? Too many – now we might do this together, sharing the funny memes and videos we find with each other. I even have a folder of videos I want to recreate with my husband.

What are some ways you’re bonding with your spouse this year?

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