I spoke with Antonia Richardson of Mommy Matters on building a mom tribe. It’s something we talk about a lot here on Mommifaceted because it’s so important. A mom tribe is vital to the health of a mom because we have to have support and an ear to vent to, to share with, to learn from and more. We were created to be community focused – as women we are natural communicators and do well with friendship.

Antonia and I talk about how we make it harder than it has to be to build a tribe. As barriors to building our tribe, we think:

  • We have to have women who live close to us
  • It’s too hard to just strike up a conversation with someone and get to know them
  • They may judge us

And none of this has to be true for our mom tribe.

Watch the replay of our IG live to get Antonia’s tips on building a mom tribe and ways to make it easier for yourself.

As a bonus, we also talk about self care and how we claim it’s hard to find time for it. But, as we noted, it’s really just about prioritizing it and getting it done. No more excuses!

This live was such a great chat, I can’t wait to have Antonia back on.