Today is a recap of the Mom Vibe Brunch hosted by Mommifaceted this past weekend all about building a tribe! It was so nice to just be together. Women talking about our similar experiences, struggles, concerns, wants and needs for our families. We’re definitely going to do it again. The topic for this brunch was tribe building.

We talked to Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, founder of The Butter Bar Skincare. She tells about how the look of her support has changed over the years, especially as her business expanded and what she requires in order for her business to grow and for her to be a good mom.

The rest of the group chimed in to talk about the struggles of finding friends and how we all long for someone else to do things with, how we want our children to be around other black kids, and why a village is so important for our mental health and wellness.

We even talk about paid support – finding sitters so you can trust someone to watch your child, shopping for groceries online to free up time, etc. to help us do a better job of managing our tasks and taking care of ourselves.

The sound is not as perfect as usual because we were in a restaurant, but you’ll definitely be able to hear all of the gems that were dropped.

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