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Indoor plants and garden beds are taking over my timeline! I want to be a plant mom so badly, but I’m terrible at remembering to water. Are you stocking up every time you hit a Home Depot? 

Our children aren’t the only thing that needs to be nurtured. Now the use of indoor plants and gardening are the latest forms of self care – women are using the time needed to care for, tend to, talk to, and watch grow as their “me time”.

Each week women are growing more than just plants, they are growing in acknowledgement of what they personally need to thrive and prosper. It’s more than just soil and sunlight – this hobby that’s taking over social media and moms everywhere are putting new life into the self care movement.

Where do you start if you want to be a plant mom?

I’m not an expert so I’m linking to a few posts from friends that talk about the WHOLE process!

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Here’s what I’d buy if I had a plant

I may not be able to keep them alive as well as you, but I sure can shop for plants! I have already bought a few of these in anticipation of my plant babies. A good plant mom has to have some great homes for the plants.

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