Monique Rodriguez was finding her purpose during the night while she was a nurse during the day. She is the founder of Mielle Organics, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur – all at the same time. She now works with her husband after building the company so their working relationship has to be as strong as their marriage.

She is passionate about inspiring women in business and entrepreneurship – and helping them with finding their purpose.

Monique gives advice on how to work in the beauty industry while working with your spouse. She talks about how she’s been able to juggle building the business while working full time in the beginning, to transferring into the business full time.

Monique’s relationships are vital to helping her with the day to day tasks and allow her to keep up with all that she has going on – as well as her personal group of girlfriends.

Sometimes when you go through things and painful situations it’s really when you discover who you are as a person.

Monique rodriguez

I keep my circle small because I have to protect my inner peace…keeping my circle small eliminates that negativity and drama, stuff that I don’t do.

Monique Rodriguez

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