These times are hard for everyone, so keeping your relationship in tact and your marriage strong, even a healthy one, can be a challenge. During the quarantine we’re faced with the anxiety of what’s going on around us, the stress of keeping our families safe and healthy, and not catching a terrible virus while most are having to spend 23 hours a day in our homes.

Most of us are not used to spending this amount of time around our families constantly – we have breaks of the work day, our commutes, school, time with friends, our own walks through Target, and more to give us time away and alone.

Now that we don’t have that – it’s important to take a step back and make sure we’re not damaging our relationships by ignoring the attention they usually get in a normal day, week or month.

So, how do you keep your relationship healthy in quarantine?

Here are 5 things you can do right now to give your marriage some attention and keep all things in tact – and perhaps even come out the other side of this stronger and better than before.

  1. Communicate how you’re feeling – news flash – your spouse STILL can’t read your mind. We’re bound to go through so many emotions and feelings during this time, and we can’t fully ignore them because they can affect how we interact with each other. Take some time to figure out how you’re feeling and communicate that with your spouse. 

  2. Take time away from each other – as mentioned above you typically have natural time away from your husband. Now, not so much. You may need to get creative if you have a smaller space but the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is still true even in a quarantine.
  3. Try to have some fun – right now most moms are worried about their children and keeping them entertained, your relationship can use the entertainment as well! Try to do a few things together when the kids are doing their own thing or after you’ve put them to bed.
  4. Acknowledge and respect differences – whenever we spend a lot of time with someone those little habits that annoy us get amplified. This is especially true with your husband – so try to appreciate them and not let them bother you. You and your husband have different personalities in ways that can compliment each other. Find ways to use your differences throughout the week to teach each other or better the family.
  5. Find the takeaways for when we’re in our new normal – this situation can teach us a lot about ourselves and our relationships. There may be things that arise that you’ve realized you like doing together, you don’t like doing together, you want to make more time for when we’re back to regular programming, or try. Make a plan to do some thinking on what you can bring into the next phase of this situation.

Anything else to add to the list for keeping your marriage strong during the quarantine? Let us know below! What are you doing to grow your relationship during this time?

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