It is half way through the year and time to take inventory of what place we are in and how much endurance we have to finish strong. Yes, 6 months have already passed us by, but we still have 6 whole months to accomplish what we need!

We need endurance to make sure that we can run this race of mother, wife, spouse, employee, boss, whatever roles we have.

Some things to think about when figuring out how to build that endurance:

1. How did you get here?

What did you say yes to or agree to that got you to the place you are in?

2. Follow Your Gut

Your intuition will help you to find areas that you need more strength and can help you use what’s working to find peace in areas where you need peace.

3. How do you get renewed?

What refreshed and renews you? If you want to join us, we’re having an event to recharge you. 

4. Stick to the things you say no to

You have to say no to some things – you can’t do everything. But, once you get the hang of saying no, you’ve got to stick to it!

5. What help do you need?

You have to ask for what you need to help you accomplish what you want.