Christina Brown started Love Brown Sugar to be a role model for her children and so that she could show her daughter that anyone can follow their dreams. What started as a blog has now morphed into a business with spinoffs and – host of the Brown Girls Power Day. She has launched a brand that makes women leave feeling they can take over the world.

The brand has committed her to a move across the country without close family – and she was still able to find and build an amazing village of women and moms in her new city.

To help her manage and still be a good role model she sets very clear intentions for the day, week, month, and year so that she’s getting what she wants out of life.

We talk about why we need to follow our dreams so that our kids can know they can do the same thing.

As a mother I had to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills quickly, it wasn’t just about me anymore.

Christina Brown

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