I tried to survive working from home with children and it wasn’t always easy – now I only do it when I have to.

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There are days when the school is closed so I have figured out some strategies that help me to get my work done while keeping my children occupied and allowing us all to have a great day. I’m very blessed that my job allows me to work from home a few days during the week and as needed if childcare is not available.

Whether you work from home regularly or just need to get a few things done here and there, these tips will definitely allow you to survive working from home with children.

Set a timer

This is for you and the children! It’s a great way to keep everyone forging ahead on the activity for the moment and then every person can stop only when the timer goes off. It also reminds everyone to stop and actually take a break. Lastly, it keeps the kids from asking, “can we do this?” and “can we do that?” – the answer is an easy, “wait until the timer is done.” Done, periodt!

Work close to them at times

If your kids are anything like mine, they just want to be near you. They can keep themselves occupied as long as they know I’m in touch range. So at times, I will set up my computer on the couch in the playroom and do an hour or so of work so that we can all have time together and still get things done. This is definitely for an important meeting over the phone or when I’m in deep thought – but if I’m doing mindless things, I’ll sit with them for a short time.

Create Stations

Kids love to switch activities, so I will create a few stations before I get started on my day and just let them have it. We have an art station, a water table, playdough station, and really tailor it to whatever your kids like!

Snack Packs

Keeping your pantry stocked with snacks that are at eye level to your children will probably knock out 357 questions! Really! These snacks can be healthy stuff, grab and go, and again pick stuff they like.

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Reward for quiet time

See above item for one reward – their favorite snack! Instruct them that after 30 minutes of quiet time, reading, working through a work book, quiet play, whatever they want while being quiet they will get a reward. Bam! You get some quiet time to work.

Give them distractions – build a fort, have a dance party, play while taking a bath

There are going to be times when your children need to be busy and do something active. I like to mix this in right before and after quiet time. They can have distractions like building a fort, dancing to music, play while taking a bath. Another thing they can do is their chores! Put them to work around the house and have them complete a few things before taking a break.

If you need more ideas, here are some lessons for homeschooling a preschooler that would work while they’re home with you.

Take your breaks with them

This is another one for you and the children. While trying to survive working from home with children you may want to take some breaks with your children. Go for a walk, eat your snacks together, do something fun – this is especially good to do if you’re using the timer as suggested above so that you all know when break time is.

If you’re needing some more resources to help while the kids are home from school take a look at these:

And learning how to read this book is essential (used it with my daughter last year): Teach Your Kid to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

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