Right now in uncertain times we are living in chaos all around us. The news is distracting, social media is a time suck, and our children are home and pulling us away from our typical routines. 

You may need some help figuring out when are you going to find that time to focus on a particular task or finding out how to replace those 8 hours that you used to have during the day – so here are some tips to getting that focus back and finding focus.

  1. Match your schedule to your child’s schedule – when you need focus – find a time when they are usually quiet and focused as well.
  2. Use technology to keep you from looking at your phone, daydreaming, or getting distracted – find all my apps here!
  3. Do something normal and get back to your routine.
  4. But also be flexible and create new morning and evening routines if needed.
  5. Take your breaks and ACTUALLY give yourself grace – don’t just pay it lip service.

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