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In order to get some work done while the kids are home you’ll have to implement some free time and quiet time so that you can do some things while they are busy.

Sometimes I’m ok with using technology for children to keep them quiet and other times you may want to keep them away from the technology. Either way, the kids are best when they are busy because let’s face it, when they are quiet and you’re not sure what they are doing that usually signals trouble.

Below are some ideas and options for keeping your children busy with and without technology.

Keeping Children Busy Without Technology

  • Old School Games

I find it funny when children are playing games that used to be popular 15, 20+ years ago. Even if they are old games, they are new to your children and can be fun for you to watch them get excited. Teach them things like Simon Says, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag, Red Rover and Four Square.

  • Make Songs

TikTok is taking over free time as we speak – so why not give them some more music by making your own songs. You can record it after it’s perfected, but before you get to that point – each child can create a new melody and lyrics or they can work together to make up a song. If your kids need some quick inspiration to get them started, pick a few words and have them make a song centered around that word.

  • ABC scavenger hunt

This is pretty easy and should occupy at least an hour of time! Start with A and have your children find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. They can go outside or inside the house, as long as they find one item per letter. Let your child know they can’t interrupt you (barring an emergency) until they are complete for some uninterrupted time.

Keeping Your Children Busy With Technology

  • Learn How to Code

Coding and technology will be a great skill to a. get a great job in the future and b. keep them occupied for a few hours a day as they figure it all out. Camps are now hosting online coding classes so you can access these while at home. Try out Codeverse for their summer camp options – use code Mommifaceted for $50 off!

  • Online Coloring Apps and Sheets

I don’t know about your children, but ours are obsessed with coloring online because they can use their “computer” like mommy. Either way, it’s a great way to teach little ones how to use their fingers and increase that dexterity. For older children, it can be a great nod to a relaxing activity during quiet time.

Sometimes we press reading because obviously, it’s one of the most important things a child can learn, but just like we need breaks and time to let our minds wander while listening to a book – our kids can benefit from it too. Picking something fun for them to listen to will give them something to look forward to each day – especially if they get to listen to a few chapters a day. This again gives you dedicated time to work each day if it’s part of your routine.

No matter what you decide to do while your children are at home – remember they are learning and gathering new skills all the time. They learn while washing dishes and doing their chores, they learn when they are dancing and listening to music, they learn when they are counting the number of grapes you give them!

There are many ways to keep your children occupied and engaged whenever you need to get some things done – and then there are times when you just need to put them down and tune out the noise.

There’s not shame in doing what you have to do for a period of time because your work is important to you, because you have a deadline, or you just want to get something accomplished. Do you, mama!

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