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Rachel Montañez got used to sleep deprivation as most of us moms do. But, she realized that she needed to make a change. She retrained herself using methods she discovered and is now helping other moms find ways to get better sleep for themselves. She is seeing high profile professionals talk more about how they require great sleep – and the power of sleep, and is hoping moms will start to prioritize the sleep they need. And the power of getting quality sleep – even if we’re not getting as much as we should.

Rachel’s bio

Rachel Montañez is a new first time mom and holds a Postgraduate Degree in Career Guidance and has worked in the Professional Training and Coaching industry since 2007 across 3 continents. She is the founder of Sleep 10:2 and specializes in helping parents with infants get better quality sleep, time, and work-life harmony. Sleep 10:2 also provides corporate solutions to companies committed to employee well-being.

[bctt tweet=”Sleep is a spa – literally what it does for your mind, your body, and how you feel. @sleep10to2″ username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”That desire we have for the baby to sleep, if only it could be transferred on us. @sleep10to2″ username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”As parent’s we’re often concerned about the baby’s sleep, but we’re not worried about our sleep. @sleep10to2″ username=”Mommifaceted”]

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