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How far have you taken your affirmations and manifest things into your life? Today’s guest, Ayana Gibbs, talks about how she uses affirmations and practices gratitude on a daily basis to bring what she wanted and needed into her life. Ayana is a public speaker and certified professional life coach. As the Chief Communications Officer of Authentic Convos, Ayana creates inclusive experiences promoting face to face, thought-provoking dialogue for diverse communities. After having her daughter, Ayana was faced with several big life changes, she talks all about how she navigated that time while still focusing on pushing herself further.

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Ayana Gibbs Bio:

Ayana Iman is a native of Trenton, NJ and proud New Jersey resident. In 2016,
she launched her career as a Public Speaker and Certified Professional Life
Coach, focusing on personal development, storytelling, and transformation,
which allowed her to directly impact clients lives as an accountability
partner. Ayana received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism at
Kean University and her Masters in Strategic Organizational Communication at
Rutgers University.
Ayana is also the Chief Communications Officer of #AuthenticConvos , an
inclusive experience that fervently promotes face-to-face thought-provoking
dialogue within diverse communities across the country and seeks to have a
profound global impact on the way we engage with one another. She
understands the importance of interpersonal communication, and the need for
healthy dialogue that extends beyond the digital realm. This platform has
allowed her to facilitate community engagement, offer a platform to other
speakers and vendors, and give attendees the opportunity to gain professional
insight from thought leaders.


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