Jacquelyn Howard has over 30 years of corporate experience at some of the biggest companies. Now as Vice President of Starbucks, she shows up at work as her full self – which includes the roles of wife and mother. She became a mom later in life after being joyful in singleness, but has always been careful to set strong boundaries to fully enjoy her life. Early on advice from mentors who were mothers included making sure she got her personal time now as her children are older, that time has adjusted because her children are more independent now.

Key takeaways:

  • Climbing the corporate ladder required different demands from Jacquelyn, but she always makes sure she’s not overleveraged.
  • She created boundaries before having children and after becoming a wife and mom she made sure her team at work knew her family, went on vacation, and knew she was a woman of faith so they were used to knowing she hat set orders
  • Black families need to be overly engaged to watch for any bias in your child’s school and education, additionally her family has sought out professionals and authority of color to show her children who they can be.
  • Have people around you with the same values is important, not just a village

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