According to Working Mother, it’s common to be a working mom with no time, that’s actually the norm. When you add in family duties, the average working mom works 98 hours a week. That’s about 14 hours a day. And to think of it, that’s probably pretty accurate.

What are we spending our time doing?

We typically wake up when the kids get up, at the crack of dawn, and often stay up after everyone is in bed to finish up some work, have some alone time, or catch up on a show. In one day our duties could run the gamut of getting everyone in the house together and ready for the day, leading teams at work, starting a new project, wrangling the kids after work, cooking dinner or taking care of bath time, and putting out fires and fights before bed. 

If we listed out all of our duties there is no way we could be an expert in all that we need to do. 

If you’re anything like me you certainly try though! As moms we often put pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be in every area, even the areas we know we can’t focus on at the moment. 

Choosing our priorities

Each of us have different priorities and they shift at any time or season we are in. After having my baby, I was definitely prioritizing getting rest and learning my new baby. But now, I’m prioritizing getting my body back together and getting back on Mommifaceted duties.

Things shift and change for all of us, and that’s totally normal when we are a group of working mom with no time. 

Depending on what season in life you are in, you may need a few tips, pointers, an accountability partner, or just a path forward. I’ve listed some resources, and I’ll continue to add them, to help you in a particular area that’s important to you right now. And, as things change, check back for new tips.

The accountability partner might be that extra push you’re looking for. We make promises to ourselves all the time and it can be difficult not to get distracted. Finding a friend or group to keep you focused on your goal can make all the difference as a busy mom.

Here’s some resources to help!

These bloggers have shared what they know so that busy, working moms like you can be the best with the limited time we have, especially while working nearly 98 hours a week!

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