So I’m a working mom, along with nearly half the workforce in the US I’m sure. I wake up, get my boy ready for school, go to work, work all day, pick him up from school, and then I come home, to you guessed it… work! We start homework, any extra curricular activities, dinner, and bedtime. I probably don’t get off my feet until about 9 o’clock at night and I only have one kid!

If you’re anything like me, there’s always a little mommy guilt that comes with leaving your little one to run off to work, “am I doing the right thing” or “am I devoting enough time to my kiddo” but I say mom guilt is BS and I wanted to provide my fellow moms with 4 ways working full time makes you an AMAZING mama!

Shared experiences

Having a community of moms is a gift, you learn from each other’s experiences, successes, and of course mistakes or failures. One place I have been able to learn tons of different mom tips is from my co-workers at work! Your co-workers see you at your best and even sometimes at your worst (maybe after a long night of staying up with a sick child, or when you get a troubled call from the school). With your community of moms you can assure each other that struggles you face as a parent are ok and you’re not in it alone. When you work and you take care of your kids, it makes you an even better mom and in turn you get to be an example that you can have a fulfilling career AND raise some pretty great kids.

Working makes you feel balanced and helps keep your identity

Mom is by far my favorite role but it’s not the only one I have and that’s what makes me great! It’s what makes all moms great. We balance tons of hats and being able to separate each one can make you feel like a boss. One of those roles is who you are as a person, your identity outside of the kids. Depending on what kind of work you do it probably gives you an outlet, fulfills your passions, and lets you be productive or creative. All of this plays into your identity and makes you an even greater mom.

Working gives you a routine

If you’re anything like me, you love a steady routine. I say consistency is one of the major keys to being a successful working mom. Having somewhat of a schedule, especially during the week helps you to be on your toes at work and home. From getting the kids to school on time to getting dinner on the table, with a schedule you know you don’t have time to waste so you put every minute to good use.

Lastly, you appreciate the free time you have to spend with your family

Because you’re a working mom that probably means you’re always on the go so when you get a chance to breath you love every minute. Since your kids spend more time with their teachers and classmates during the week, weekends are a cherished and holidays are heaven sent. You’re more present when you have time with them and live in the moment because you know come Monday the grind starts again.

How does working help you in motherhood?


Taylor Green is a 27 year old mother who lives in Dallas with her son Jacolby “Deuce”. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and works in the healthcare industry. 

She became a mommy in 2013 and her life was changed forever! Through motherhood she’s learned so much about herself, about life, and about the world. After she had her son she decided to start a blog for young moms to know that they are not alone and that they can still follow their dreams all while raising an awesome kid.  Her blog; The Good, The Bad, The Mommy shares their lives, the successes and the setbacks. 

She absolutely loves being a mommy and will continue to support and advocate for mothers everywhere! 


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