Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith was singularly focused on her career when she was younger. Once she became a mother she didn’t let up on work – writing a book, working a full schedule, being a wife and mom and this led to her experiencing burnout. If you are experiencing a period of being burnout or don’t know if you are or not – take a listen and find out. Plus, Dr. Dalton-Smith shares how she got out of it and how you can to.

To get through the burnout period she realized that getting sleep was not going to be enough to help her, she had to fully work through what she found were 7 types of rest.

Are you experiencing burnout?

Here’s the way to recover – get fully rested. Working through the 7 types of rest can lead you to the way out of burnout.

The 7 Types of Rest

  1. physical
  2. mental
  3. spiritual
  4. emotional
  5. sensory
  6. social
  7. creative

Listen to this podcast to figure out if you are experiencing burn out and how to recover from that to become a better mother.

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