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So you’re having a baby during a pandemic. Not gonna lie, that sucks. You might have to get creative to find and pack all of the postpartum essentials you’ll need.

When you are having a baby, it can be nerve wrecking making sure that you are prepared and have purchased everything that you need. Of course, that is during a normal time when Ms ‘Rona doesn’t have her nose in everyone’s business. Now, families have to get all of their baby prep done while staying home as much as possible to avoid being exposed and bringing a pox on all their houses.

During all of this it’s easy to forget to make sure that the mommy-to-be has everything that she needs postpartum.This two part list includes absolute must haves and a few things you may not have ever thought of. The fourth trimester is going to be tough no matter when or where you give birth. 

Here’s what you need

If you are currently expecting or know a mama near you is expecting, make sure to snag a few (or really ALL) of the postpartum essentials listed below.

Colace. What any mother will tell you is that the “third birth” is the worst birth. Some women experience constipation up to a WEEK after giving birth, but this will make sure that you have an easy go when the time comes. Our advice – take it regularly the first week, even if you feel okay and you won’t have a problem whenever the time comes.

Dermoplast Pain and Itch Spray. If you had any tearing, this stuff will be a godsend. It’s one of those items that you rarely see on shelves in a brick and mortar store, but by the time you know you need it, it’s already too late. After delivery you may have some stitches down below or from the c-section, spray some of this to help relieve the pain and itching as it heals.

Tucks. While some hospitals will give you some to take home, but not all do. These will be used throughout your hospital stay for soothing. This is one of those times when having the real brand that the hospital uses counts rather than buying the knock off. Adding some witch hazel or buying Tucks with witch hazel will help with the healing process.

Medline Cold Packs. To say that this stuff is soothing is an understatement. Trust us on this. These cold packs can be put on your swollen parts to help sooth and ease the pain of delivery. Using an ice pack like this will stay cool for a decent amount of time so you can put it on while you’re napping during the babies naps.

Always Discreet. They are similar to the mesh undies that mama will leave the hospital in. Disposable, comfortable AND mom won’t have to risk bleeding through into her real undies. 

Shop the postpartum essentials you need below!

new baby feet

Postpartum essentials you might not think to ask for

Now, on to the next! There are a few things that your run-of-the-mill mom might never ask for on her gift registry. Not because they may be slightly embarrassing like some of the much needed items above, but simply put they may not even occur to them that they can.

You can simply share this post with them and give a hint when people ask what you may need!

Food Delivery. From Postmates to Grubhub, having a meal delivered to your home is the BEST. And, you know what’s better than delivery? Free delivery. A gift card on the app is easy to use and will save new parents from having to juggle making a meal and cleaning up the dishes afterward.

Maid Service. A one time cleaning as a gift is both thoughtful and unexpected. Guaranteed, there have been dust bunnies forming on the baseboards from the time you could no longer tie your shoes and you will be staring at them until you are cleared by your medical professional to get down and clean them away. A maid service can be surprisingly inexpensive especially if they are only doing a few rooms and some of them even do laundry.

Groceries. Along the lines of food delivery, a gift card to your favorite grocer is a nice touch. Most grocery stores have been offering delivery options for a few years now and during this time of COVID-19 many are offering “contactless drop-off”. If you have never used it before, being postpartum may be what turns the tide.

Diaper Service. If you decide you’re fitting into the “crunchy mama” category consider requesting a diaper service. This will allow you to still use the cloth diapers as planned without having to scrub out all of those poopy diapers on your own. Instead, the service provider swaps out the soiled nappies for fresh ones once a week allowing mama to feel good about keeping diapers out of landfills while not having to do the work yourself.

Leading up to giving birth, moms often overlook what they will need to feel comfortable and cared for. Don’t let another pregnancy go by without making sure that you know you have the essentials and a few things that are out of the box! You’ll be sure to use these postpartum essentials and appreciate all of the extra help!

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