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Episode 20 is here! How to overcome the pressures of working overtime!

It’s the 20th episode!! I can’t believe it! I just want to thank you for listening – I do not take it lightly at all. Spending 30-45 minutes with this podcast shows me that you all want to be the best women you can be just like I do and that I’m not alone out here in these mom streets.

Today’s episode is for all of the working moms – most of us have been in a position where we think we have to do it all – especially at work so that we can get that promotion, get that award or recognition, prove our worth in the workplace.

As moms, you may have a sense that you are not viewed the same as childless or single employees, because you have home obligations – so to compensate, your work extra hours and stay late. Or come in early, or answer emails before bed. Whatever you do, you are not alone. But, you don’t have to do this. There are ways to prioritize, say no!, get your work done, and go home happier and not so exhausted from living a life of all work and no play.

Ashley Sutton is my guest, she is the author of Overtime is SO Over, Leave the Office and Get Your Life Back. She gives her personal experiences and research to share how to overcome those ideas of needing to always be available for your employer and always putting in the most time. Those thoughts are a battle and she gives some easy wins on how to stop putting yourself in this position.

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Ashley’s Bio

Ashley Sutton began her career in marketing with Fortune 500 beauty company Avon Products, where she built her knowledge in product development, on the North America color cosmetics brand team. Ashley’s eagerness to learn about international business led her to her next role with Mattel (Fisher-Price). Ashley managed the toy development for multiple entertainment preschool brands, such as Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Octonauts, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, among others, across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. As Ashley’s desire to round out her marketing skills continued, she leapt into consumer and digital marketing with Entertainment One’s family division, where her key responsibilities are to secure digital promotions, oversee social media and blogger outreach, create digital content and assets, and work to develop brand marketing initiatives for preschool licensed brands.

Throughout her career journey, she learned a lot about her strengths and opportunities to grow, and better prioritize her life. Working crazy long hours, with very little ROI in your personal life, could either drive you insane, or light a fire to make some serious change. Ashley chose the latter. She was burning the midnight oil, and started to see her health and energy decline. She surveyed friends and colleagues, and found that many of them were all, in some way, shape, or form driving themselves into destruction by working unfathomable hours. She channeled these stories into her newly published book, Overtime Is SO Over.

As an avid volunteer, Ashley believes in the power of giving back. She is a mentor and has acted as a national judge for the NAACP Act-So organization, where she helps high school students engage in entrepreneurship, STEM, and the arts.

In her spare time, Ashley loves music, travel; and of course, attempting to make her meals look “just like the picture,” when she’s in the kitchen!


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