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This week is Black Maternal Health Care Week – so a perfect time to release this episode and this was one of my favorite interviews to date! Lisa Jean Francois talks happiness, being real with herself and her family and what it really means to take care of yourself.

Lisa Jean-Francois is the face and name behind Lisa A La Mode, and she keeps it all the way real. In today’s interview she gets extremely deep about how she built up her brand, the transition she went through while raising her son, and how she turned her blog into a black woman’s truth and unapologetic online home.

She has explained and has been open on her blog about her trials and tribulations including a recent miscarriage and her dealings with mental health and wellness. In the podcast – she talks about her real definition of self care – and says that self care is not just getting a pedicure, she promotes happiness and getting to the root of the problem to find self care and peace.

She recently announced a shift in Lisa A La Mode – titling it this Black Women’s Guide to navigating life while keeping it cute and funky. So stay tuned to see HOW she does that and the changes that she makes in this new direction.

Lisa’s bio:

Lisa Jean-Francois, MFA, is a Wife, Mother, Educator, Brand Coach and Beauty and Style Blogger at Lisa a la Mode. Lisa began building her own brand “Lisa a la Mode” through the use of video marketing in 2012, and has since then built a successful online following across several major social media channels.

[bctt tweet=”I could not rest easy presenting a one dimensional picture of who I am. @Lisa_alamode” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”I’m not in a place where I have to be first, I’m in a rush against myself, I’m in a rush against time…for what? It’s not worth my sanity, it’s not worth my peace of mind. @Lisa_alamode” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”A pedicure is a nice treat, you’re treating yourself, but that’s not self care. Self care is being introspective and understanding what the root problem is. @lisa_alamode” username=”Mommifaceted”]

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