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The summer time shouldn’t be stressful, but here we are year after year trying to find the best summer activities for kids in Houston so our boys have something to do. And in Houston, it’s preferred if these are indoor activities because this heat is not for the faint of heart!

In the past, our school has had various camps and hosted field trips. My husband and I also alternate taking the boys to our jobs so they can see where mommy and daddy work. But, I’ve found a few problems with these options:

  • The school camps tend to rely on movies at times when I’m assuming they are out of ideas or just need to give everyone a break. I’m ok with some screen time, but I’d rather not have to pay for that.
  • When we take them with us, we don’t actually get any work done and they aren’t old enough to be interested in what we do, i.e. no one is happy.

This summer, I’m being proactive and looking for a variety of activities so that the boys can be challenged, stay interested, and learn while having fun most of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely in agreement that they don’t need to be entertained all day, every day. When I was a kid, I had to learn my way around a boring afternoon, and they will too. However, mixing in a few things from this list will make for some memories and keep them occupied. Keep reading for a discount on one of my favorite new options for summer!

  • Museums for children.
    • I’ve realized that most big cities now have museums just for children and they almost always have something going on for kids. The activities and camps might not be the fanciest, but I love how diverse the children who attend are and we often meet friends from all over Houston. Plus, they never run out of things to do in the children’s museum – so I know they are getting their workout in and I’m getting my money’s worth.
  • Create challenges for them
    • I like to challenge my sons. They are so smart, but can be hesitant to do anything educational without provocation. For this summer we are doing a reading challenge. Every week we’ll go as a family and pick out a few books, they can read them during any down time and by the end of the summer they will have to read a certain number of books. To get them invested, I will let them help decide how many books to finish is a good goal, and they can make a stretch goal too. Finally, they will get to decide on the prize. I want them to really WANT it!
  • Check out new places like Codeverse!

best summer activities for kids in houston

  • Take inspiration from them
    • Lastly, I’m planning to take off a full week just to hang with them. I usually think of the summer as just the boys taking off and filling their calendar, while I go to work and just count the days until our family vacation. But this year, I’m going to use one of those weeks to just be with them. I’ll turn my phone off and we’ll go on some adventures, tour our own city, try out some new foods, check out the paint place that is always super busy on the weekends and just have fun. 

We only have a limited number of summers with them at home and I want to make sure they can look back and say we made the most of it, and that they remember that we spent just as much time together during the summer as we do during the school year – not that I just ran them from place to place and camp to camp. I like to have the best summer activities for kids in Houston available each year to make it easy for you too! I also want to make it memorable and doing things they have never done before like coding and reading more books than ever before will stick in their minds – we even might create a few engineers along the way! Don’t forget to use code RACHEL-100 for $100 off the Codeverse camp!

So let me know below, what are you doing for the summer with your children? We might add to our list of best summer activities for kids in Houston!

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