Being pregnant in the summer is rough! There’s really no other way to explain it.

Once you’re hot you can’t cool down. It’s generally hot from morning to evening, so you’ve go to plan accordingly to survive a summer pregnancy.

None of your clothes actually fit and all the cute maternity clothes are for the spring and fall. So, you end up wearing the same 4 things for the last month and a half.

You’re hungry, but who wants to stand in front of a hot stove, so if you’re like me, you end up eating out more- which means more weight gain.

So, I’ve been working to quell my complaining as much as possible, because I’ve had a pregnancy in the summer before and I know it’s difficult. But I asked and prepared for this child – or at least I’m beginning to prepare, so I’ve got to take the rough to get to the blessing.

But, I don’t have to suffer the entire time! I can survive a summer pregnancy!

I have been doing the following things all summer long to make it through this period with a little more ease and grace, and it’s made a world of difference.Green smoothies

1. Green Smoothies

I’m not really feeling the urge to eat a ton of vegetables at the moment. They are a necessary part of life though, and definitely make me feel better when I’m eating healthy. So, I’ve been making green smoothies each morning. This way I get in more than my fair share of dark leafy greens and in the event that I don’t have vegetables for lunch or dinner I know I’ve gotten in at least 1-2 servings of vegetables for the day.

2. Maternity Belt

I bought a maternity belt because this sciatica, round ligament pain, joint pain, lower back pain combo was going to do me in! I couldn’t take it anymore! I couldn’t walk, couldn’t move, nothing. Now the belt has saved my life! I should have bought one sooner and definitely with my first pregnancy.

3. Plan ahead – bring water, don’t go out at certain times

I live in Houston, TX and it’s hot first thing in the morning. There’s no warm up period. So, I’ve just given in to lugging around water wherever I go and trying to get as much done in the mornings or after work as possible. I’ve also been using certain conveniences so I’m not just out in the elements, like ordering groceries online and working from home more often.

4. Wear swing dresses and cute sandals

Periodt! This is the only way to survive. I’ve never been a super style fanatic, but I like to look cute and put together. In order to do this with the fewest items possible I stick to a rotation of swing dresses and a few pairs of sandals I got at the beginning of the season.

5. One to two activities a day

I hate to limit myself, but I found that on the days when I’m running errands like I used to I just don’t make it the whole day, or my pains start flaring up and no maternity belt can help once I’ve walked through 4 stores, jumped in and out of the car, etc. Now, I plan to just do one or two things and day and say no to whatever else comes up. There’s always tomorrow, or Amazon if I need it!

6. Eating small, light meals often

I never really had any morning sickness, but the heat just makes eating large meals unattractive. Instead I’ve been opting for 4 to 5 meals a day. I’ll have a light breakfast, then a mid morning snack of fruit and cheese, or something like that. Lunch and dinner are usually pretty standard, but I’ve been eating just enough – not overdoing it. If I still feel hungry later, I’ll grab a popsicle. Perfect little summer dessert.

Please share if you have some tips below – or better yet, join our Facebook group and share, we can have a full on talk about this summer thing and how to survive a summer pregnancy!