I got on IG live with Latoya Mathews, an image and style consultant, and she explained her 5 step system to building self confidence.

Latoya went through some traumatic events as a child which caused her to doubt herself and become insecure, especially after some physical trauma. She then made a decision in her early 20’s that was difficult for her to overcome. Now, she’s pushed past the self doubt, insecurities and is fully confident in who she is now, which is so important as she raises her daughter to be a confident woman. She is building her self confidence and shows women how they can do it too.

We talk about not letting ourselves dim down our own light but instead show up confident and secure in ourselves.

Her 5 step process entails:

A – Awareness

R – Reevaluate

I – Image

S – Self Reliant

E – Ethics

Watch the replay of our live session to hear exactly what each step of the process includes.

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What are some areas you are fully confident in?