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Aaronica Cole is the mom behind The Crunchy Mommy. Aaronica is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who dreamed of being a mom since a little girl – not her wedding day. She’s dedicated to helping others which she does through the Crunchy Mommy, social media marketing and blog coaching. Outside of mothering 3 children and being a wife, she has two degrees and jokes that she uses her BA in Psychology on her children and her MBA in Marketing on her business. She’s been published on TheRoot.com, AwesomelyTechie, HuffPo and is a seamstress.

In this episode we talk about the hard times she faced being newly divorced, jobless, homeless, and pregnant, to how she now thrives with three children, homeschool schedule and her own businesses.

She’s a firm believer that we can all be whatever it is we want to be and she’s just here to help that glow-up happen!


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