I’m not a naturally talkative person but I’ve been working to step outside of my comfort zone. So when I decided to start a podcast I was terrified about having nothing to say! My first thought was that my personality wouldn’t attract anyone, let alone get them to listen to me talking for 45 minutes!

We are the worst critics of ourselves, aren’t we?!?

Now that I’m over one year in and tens of thousands of downloads later – I can’t believe that I was wrong! Each week I get messages about how a particular podcast has been inspiring or touched someone so clearly – it was like I was talking directly into their situation.

I know this is only God, because I still don’t believe I have enough to say. Thankfully, He keeps me filled with ideas and so each week I keep trucking along, stepping out of my introvertedness and quiet nature to become a bolder version of myself for the podcast.

If I had never stepped out of my comfort zone this community wouldn’t exist and be constantly growing.

Have you heard the saying:

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”?

or maybe this one:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”?

These are two of my favorite quotes because they are so TRUE! They have rung true time and time again. And I’m so thankful that Christ is on the other end pulling me along as I step outside what’s natural for me and being my strength when I needed it.

In order to make it through over a year of stepping out of my comfort zone I’ve done a few things that have made me more successful.

Identified my weaknesses and reached out for help or researched how to become stronger.

I wouldn’t be able to accomplish certain things as I have if I didn’t know which areas I needed to learn more about and get smart on. When I first started I wasn’t an expert on sound and microphones, but you can believe I quickly learned how to be. By starting with my weaknesses I was able to eliminate as many holes in what could have stopped me early – then I had no excuses. If I wasn’t able to learn something or didn’t have the time, that’s when I asked for help. My husband is naturally creative, so I’ll go to him for creative help. My mom is really good with organization, so if I’m creating a new process I’ll pick her brain. I’ll even reach out to friends with quick questions if I’m stuck. There’s no reason I can’t continue forward with all I have at my disposal.

Identified what would happen if I didn’t go through with it.

For me, the dreadful thought of being in the same place the next year knowing I had an amazing idea but didn’t work on it was enough to keep me up at night. Even as I started I began to notice other mom podcasts and communities for moms of color popping up – literally the same month! That could have discouraged me, but I kept ahead with my plan because I knew that if I didn’t try it, I would always regret it.

Made a to do list and began plowing through it.

I didn’t want to say “I just did the work” because that’s so often said, but that’s because it’s really the only secret. There’s nothing special about me, or your favorite woman who’s crushing the dream you also have, except that we are putting in the work. Each and every day we are doing something that terrifies us. Each and every day we are improving and growing because we’re stepping out. This can be you too, if you’ll trust in yourself.

What are you going to do today that’s outside of your comfort zone? Shoot for one thing a week!