Chrystal Evans Hurst has experienced just about all of the stages of motherhood. As a young mom, she had a process and tight schedule early on because she was so busy. She brought her daughter with her everywhere.

Now, she juggles by utilizing her help! She can only do everything she does, travel for work, homeschool, and more because of the help and systems she has put around her.

She reminds moms that we have to do that hard things in the season that we’re in. Her path has helped her to realize that this mommy thing is a lot of planting and sowing seeds – but we are doing it for legacy.

She talks about simple joys and framing the live you live for your family. Chrystal shares how to make sure you don’t lose yourself, become bitter, tired, and are just done.

I don’t like to glorify the season that I’m in. We tend as moms to either glorify or vilify the mommy life that we’re living.

Chrystal Evans Hurst

We have to give ourselves grace for what different seasons require.

Chrystal Evans Hurst

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