Traci Otey Blunt

Traci Otey Blunt, NFL Communications

Traci has been climbing the corporate ladder and is the new SVP of Communications for the NFL – her dream job. Previously, she worked 10 years for Bob Johnson in his corporation to running Urban Movie Channel, and on one of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

While Traci was climbing the corporate ladder she persevered through unexplained infertility. She struggled with thoughts of why she couldn’t initially have a child, then once she let it go and let go of the control, she found out she was pregnant with her miracle child. Now with a 6 year old daughter, Traci is juggling motherhood and a demanding career.

It may be the worst experience for you, but there is a lesson in there…everything happens for a reason. You don’t understand it then, but, it’s the path you’re supposed to be on.

Traci and her husband have created a work around to make sure that their creative daughter has everything she needs and Traci is able to spend as much time as she can. She’s personally making adjustments during this temporary time while she’s in New York apart from her family in DC.

If you’re going to work really hard, you need to do something that you love, because we work really hard. If your time is going to be away from family it needs to be something that you really love.

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