This week we have a couple of special treats!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are going to hear from a few mothers who are sharing some of their challenges, some of their triumphs, and where they learned what it means to be a mother. My three special guests talk about whether they are following in the footsteps of the examples that they had in their lives – and they are three different takes on motherhood.

We also have a giveaway!!!!!

As a listener, you have a chance to win oneĀ Hello Mama Box. The Hello Mama Box is a monthly box designed for maternal wellness, with affirmation cards, bath and body products, and other self care items to celebrate and pamper yourself as a busy mama.

Rules to enter:

Each action below earns you one entry, the more entries the better your chances. One winner will be selected on Thursday, May 17, 2018.

  1. Follow Mommifaceted and Hello Mama Box on Instagram (required)
  2. Comment one mom moment on the giveaway post, whether it is a challenge, a triumph, or where you learned how to be a mother
  3. Tag as many mom friends on the giveaway post who you think would love the Mommifaceted podcast (and they can join the giveaway too!)

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Desirae Ofori – Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy

Justina Ford – Mindset and Makeup

ReeJade Richmond – Search for Her Existence, Inc.


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