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Carmeon Hamilton is an interior designer by trade, but she’s got a bigger purpose and intertwines that with her design background. In this episode she talks about how she found her purpose and uses her skills to fulfill that purpose in life. Carmeon is known for her personality, hair, personal and design style, so in the episode she talks about what she wants her son to know her for and its a surprising and very good answer.

Carmeon’s bio

Carmeon Hamilton is a buyer and environmental designer for locally-owned retailer, Stash Home, and an interior designer, heading her own company, Nubi Interiors. In both, she utilizes her education and 10 years of experience in design to discover the beauty in all things and helps others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day.

Read her magazine feature in Memphis City Magazine.

[bctt tweet=”Parenting looks different for everyone you grow up with reading children’s books and seeing your parents, you see what parenting looks like. Then you grow up to be an adult and to have parenting look different from you. Carmeon Hamilton ” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”Learning how resilient children are, you get this mom guilt but your kids don’t see you in a negative light the way you put yourself in a negative light…Giving myself grace while I was beating myself up was the biggest lesson I learned. Carmeon Hamilton” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”Everyone is not meant to be an entrepreneur, someone has to do the work. You can be fulfilled working for someone else. Carmeon Hamilton ” username=”Mommifaceted”]

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