Goal setting and planning for a BIG year!


How do you prepare to have a big year like Harlem’s Fashion Row had?

Brandice Daniel is the founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, a social company for multicultural designers. HFR is the village for those designers. She’s also a mom, wife, a friend, and so much more.

Her secret to being able to run a fashion empire is her village – her mom travelled with her to speaking engagements, her friends and family are able to help with her daughter, and were there for the big moments of life. To nurture her relationships she makes time for them – only allowing a few into her inner circle and growing her tribe over the past 20 years.

She brings her daughter as much as she can and she doesn’t apologize for her daughter being in the room – because she’s a part of what you get when you see Brandice.

She talks about how she does “no goals” years – and just surrenders the year to God and how He wants to lead her.┬áThis obviously works – as HFR had a very big year in 2018!


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