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Jenell starts most of her projects from a space of innovation and creativity. She constantly looks to what is missing for her next task. She started Kinky Curly Coily Me because she didn’t see information online for black women about natural hair and the journey to going natural.

After growing as a woman, becoming married, having children, and wanting to share all of her other passions besides hair and beauty – she started her Jenell B. Stewart brand. Now she’s branched out into podcasting, video production, her daughter’s brand, and more to come.

As a mom – she gets the babies in line with her schedule – not the other way around. She knew she was going to be a working mom, so she found a way to seamlessly incorporate the children into her life. And by doing this, she allows her children to embrace their independence and frees up some time for her to get things done.

Jenell’s Bio:

Jenell is an award winning beauty editor, a wife and mom of 2, a youtuber, podcaster and social media maven. When she’s not writing, editing, and filming YT videos–she’s either playing with her kids, working out, eating in some restaurant, or traveling the world with her family.

[bctt tweet=”Anyone is an influencer who has a great knowledge base in a field and you can talk about something, I want you to be encouraged. – Jenell B. Stewart” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”It’s been fun to be someone in every part of these women’s lives, from their beauty needs, their lifestyle empowerment needs, to their childrens’ needs…they can feel that they have a support system. – Jenell B. Stewart” username=”Mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”I try to streamline a lot of the work that I do. There are things that stay consistent…outside of the core things that need to be done, I can do projects.¬†– Jenell B. Stewart” username=”Mommifaceted”]


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