Simona Noce is a PR guru and special events maven, but she’s a millennial mom first!

She was juggling a pr career – which has the craziest hours, evening and weekend events took a toll on her. With all of that, she decided to follow her passion, by adding more to her plate and started a wedding planning business and doing PR on the side while working a full time job.

She had to give up the possibility to move up in her career, take great positions in the company, and live in LA or NY.  She got to a point in motherhood where she had to follow what she loved and what was best for her family.

She loved her career but decided that to be a present and available mom and focus on her passion of events as an entrepreneur, she had to transition and is now the founder of The NoceModel PR and co-founder of District MotherHued.

District MotherHUED is the premier organization in Washington DC for millennial moms of color with over 3,000+ moms in the community.

District MotherHUED

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