On the podcast today I have interviewed Phylicia Masonheimer. She is a Christian relationship blogger and productivity expert. She uses the preferred methods of communication for her and her husband to make time for each other and pre-plan intimacy. Which may sound crazy, but just listen to how it works for her relationship and how it avoids one party from being disappointed and allow them to stay on the same page intimately. She’s a christian sex blogger who wrote, Christian Cosmo, The Sex Talk You Never Had – a Christian take on Cosmo magazine where she combines the blunt honesty of Cosmo with a biblical approach to the most often asked questions.

She shares her principals and productivity tips on working in the fringe hours with kids at home.  And about how she predetermines her tasks with her schedule so that she stays on track in the time that she does have.


[bctt tweet=”Constantly be a student, always learning and consuming something that you can process and give back to your audience in a more understandable fashion. – Phylicia Masonheimer” username=”@mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”Being very action specific with what I was choosing to do, because if it wasn’t specific – it wasn’t going to happen – Phylicia Masonheimer” username=”@mommifaceted”]


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