Kelley Syverson is the owner of Curated Accounting, a boutique bookkeeping and accounting firm who is expanding into the creative world – all while working through nap times and late night work sessions. She works in the fringe hours and prioritizes client work in her limited time and juggles spending as much time with her son as she can. She’s a master with Trello using it to manage her family and her clients. She uses the tool as a CRM system, to track her client work, and even developed a home improvement and home management board that she gets her husband involved in. Kelley creates client portals to organizer her clients and get their business work in gear.

Using Trello has streamlined her business and it’s the first thing she goes to for any area in her personal and business life.

Kelley has designed a Mom Boss Bundle* that she’ll talk about exclusively for my audience.

You will find the link to the bundle below.


Kelley’s bio:

While unsatisfied with the stagnant environment of  the legal field, she earned her post-baccalaureate accounting certification and opened the doors of Curated Accounting. Bookkeeping and Operations is the perfect combination of her love of numbers and spreadsheets and the creative management of business systems and growth. Kelley enjoys working with creative business owners open to new technologies and visual in mentality. She also is a side-kick to her toddler, Henry, cataloging his rock collection, professional cookie lover, and is always reading 5 books at a time, preferable cozy in bed with a hot cup of coffee.


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