She quit her Fortune 500 company position to step out on her own and built a recognizable brand with her husband.

Timeesha Duncan has been a called the Olivia Pope of Branding. Timeesha and her husband, Damian, have built several brands and continue to expand and grow while we all watch their real life in front of our eyes. Timeesha began as a dancer and was exposed to the celebrity world while working with people like Jennifer Lopez, Eve, and Nelly. After trying her hand as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist, she moved with her family to Atlanta and found herself working for a Fortune 500 company. While it wasn’t the job she originally wanted, she was able to rub elbows with the right people and absorb all she could about branding and marketing. She used these tips on her event planning business until friends and peers began to ask her more about her business than anything else. The rest is history, she is now working full time to help thousands of entrepreneurs quit their 9-5 jobs, be influencers, and build bigger brands.  

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[bctt tweet=”I pushed away from it for a long time, but why wouldn’t I want to be in a partnership with my PARTNER – Timeesha Duncan” username=”@mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”I break down and look at the process of when I do feel good and when I do have time and when I have things in place, what have I done to get that to work for me? – Timeesha Duncan” username=”@mommifaceted”] [bctt tweet=”Instead of letting life happen to me, I’m creating the life that I want to live – Timeesha Duncan” username=”@mommifaceted”]

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