Sherri Rabinovitch is the People Guru. She has transitioned from a 14 year career in HR while on her two maternity leaves. After having her children, she realized that the long commute, the nonflexible hours, the denial of her request for a flexible schedule were more cons than pros. During her first leave, she started the company as a side hustle and then transitioned to full time entrepreneur during her second maternity leave. Sherri started and has maintained a business full of warm leads through her networking approach. In this episode, Sherri talks about how to make the leap toward your passion, how to be more organized so that you can tackle all of your passions, and what she wants her children to know about her as a woman, mom, and business owner.

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Sherri’s bio:

Sherri was an HR Professional in a Corporate setting and after starting a family and wanting to create work/life balance, she decided to take her skills and experience into private practice in September 2014 and created The People Guru™. Sherri has always been passionate about helping others create their own destiny and fulfill their professional goals. Therefore, she has created a way to empower people to find their lifes’ purpose. She asks the hard questions and her unique approach to tackling even the most challenging career roadblocks will allow you to capture what you are seeking. Sherri will help you find ways to optimize the knowledge  skills & abilities you already have. It is through Sherri’s own challenges and movement into a new career path, that allows her to connect with her clients on the most profound level.  Sherri has had numerous years experience dealing with corporate structure, staffing, Human Resource Management and leadership training. She will take you on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth that will challenge & revitalize you to help facilitate you reaching your target!


[bctt tweet=”A new business owner doesn’t have to spend a ton of money to start. Just start! You can use your own network and word of mouth to build your business in the beginning.” username=””] [bctt tweet=”Using real life stories of my own family has helped my clients relate to me – they know I’m a real person and that if I can do it, so can they.” username=””] [bctt tweet=”Just going and talking to people at networking events is one of the best ways to start a warm lead.” username=””]

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