Shunta Grant is a proponent of embracing joy in motherhood and finding joy in all areas of life. She is constantly teaching about how not to just be “busy” but work on meaningful things – which is so important in motherhood.

On this podcast episode we discuss how she makes sure she’s aware of everything that’s going on in her children’s lives.

We also talk how we can have joy in motherhood – why it can be lacking and how do we overcome it to find our joy again and practice embracing joy in motherhood daily.

We forget that our children are a blessing…there are people who wish they could have a child having a meltdown in Target.

Shunta Grant

Lastly, before the final questions we talk about how structure and routine helps Shunta’s daughter as much as it helps her.

Your yes is still saying no to something and I’m not sacrificing me for someone else when I know it’s not going to be best for me and the greater good.

Shunta Grant

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