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As moms we can easily get sucked into living based on our fears. In an effort to try and control the outcome, we start making decisions because of things that might happen or the worst that could happen. Our past guest, Jehava Brown, spoke about living through fears with her sons.

What would you tell your child if they were nervous to give a presentation at school out of fear that they would make a mistake and not remember all of their facts correctly?

You’d probably say something like, you’re going to do fine and if you make a mistake you can learn from it to do a better job next time.

Well, as moms we can go down this path as well. Fear can keep us from so much. It’s a natural reaction to things we’ve never seen or done before, or haven’t done well in the past.

Fear may look different from different people. For one mom it may look like constant worry and concern. Another mom might have feelings of dread or trepidation. Some moms worry about being enough for their children. Others are concerned that they will devote their all to their kids and not fulfill their own purpose. They may think they do not have enough time for all of their children, and not teaching them the “right” things.

It’s easy to say trust in God, do not be afraid because he is our source of strength and salvation. And this is true, so how do you actually do this? How can we push past feelings of worry, fear and concern when our own flesh and blood is relying on us to do what is right?

We know from experience that God can handle all of our needs, he already handles them on a daily basis. So, who are we to be concerned that God will not take care of what he’s entrusted us with – our children?

To break down fear, start with what you are truly afraid of and decide if it’s something that cannot be handled or addressed. I’m going to be honest, some trials are too big for us to fix, and not matter how big or small, God is ready to take it on. It may also be good to get some outside help at times. A therapist might be able to help you sort through why you’re feeling fearful – click here to find one near you.

Next, try to get some information about the issue. Fear of the unknown is a big factor in keeping you from being the woman and mother you need to be, so uncover the unknown. When all else fails and your mind constantly reverts back to the worry and concern, begin to praise him. He’s going to take care of it, toss it to him and watch him work. Sing songs of worship in thanks that He’s handled one of our greatest obstacles.

What do you do to combat feelings of fear?

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