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Brandy Wells is sharing conscious parenting and is parenting differently and encouraging us to get away from the generational parenting mistakes that don’t work for every child. She is a licensed independent social worker specializing in childhood mental health. She’s mother to 3 girls and a wife. Brandy focuses on practical parenting skills that work for what children are experiencing today.

We talk about some really important steps to build our parent-child relationships. This includes how we can be better mothers to our independent needs of our children, how to best be present with our children, and the work we need to do internally to make that relationship stronger.

Becoming a mother herself drove her to get deeper into what makes children learn and how to raise them in a way where they are better people. Now she can share what she studied with us.

If this episode has sparked something and you’d like to find a therapist of your own, services like BetterHelp have articles about different types of therapy and finding someone to work with.

The more your child believes that you value their opinion the more your child is going to be fine tuned with you and want to please you because they value the time you put in.

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