Jehava Brown became a mom at a young age, and soon filled her house full of boys – so that definitely gets overwhelming! So now, she strives to find joy in the chaotic moments of life.

She’s been through the years of working mom having to find a place to use her breast pump, to staying home and adjusting to being a stay at home mom, and now work at home mom.

We talk about balance and why that’s not attainable with a busy job and family.

Balance says that I have every area equally and I can’t always have that.

Jehava Brown

Some of her secrets include time blocking and prioritizing having days off so she can mentally have a break. Quiet time and focusing on what is happening right now have helped her to overcome fear and push through when it gets overwhelming as well.

We reinforce that God is on our side and we have to trust that.

Jehava Brown

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