Kennesha Buycks used the ability to start creating her home despite the situations she faced in the past. She is a wife, mom, blogger and author of Restoration House Blog.

Tragedy caused her to slip into a dark time and from there she began on this journey of restoration. She uses her home as an outward metaphor for how she’s repaired her own internal feelings and emotions. Realizing that life doesn’t stop, she knew she had to keep moving and healing herself.

Surprisingly, Kennesha and her family are not in their “forever home” – and I think that makes her the perfect person to share why you can make your house a home no matter what stage you are in.

She has kept in contact with her community from when she first became a mother and knew that those connections would be important as her motherhood journey went along.

There’s more to me than just where I am at the time…a lot of times we stay there in our minds and we don’t see a way out. The furniture, in a symbolic way, showed me a way out.

Kennesha Buycks

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