Working moms need quick things to make their lives easier. Plus, if you’re like me you don’t want to spend a whole lot to keep you life in check and on top of everything. We need easy – not hard to find and expensive! Here’s some easy to find and inexpensive things that have helped me get my life together when things were a little hectic.

  1. Calendar – must have!
    • This can be a physical, printed calendar, or your Google calendar on your phone. Doesn’t matter what it is, but after interviewing over 60 successful women for the Mommifaceted podcast, 99% of them say a calendar that they stick to is the number one thing to keep them on track.
  2. Grocery Delivery
    • Ordering groceries online has been a life-saver time after time. Often, I get to work and think, ohhh I would love to have chicken teriyaki for dinner. But, I don’t have 3 of the ingredients I need. So, I get online and order what I need, stop by the store, let them load up my car. I’m off in 5 minutes. It saves me so much time and money because I’m not scrolling down the bakery section buying things I don’t need to eat! Online ordering costs on average $5 each pickup. To save me an hour over the weekend or during the week, is totally worth it.
  3. Ask friends to exchange skills
    • You’ve got a good girlfriend who can do something that you don’t enjoy or don’t have time for. So, how about you swap with her and help yourself out! You cook and she washes dishes, or she shops and you both meal prep together.
  4. Organizing Baskets
    • Whenever I see a basket on sale I grab it – and it hasn’t been a bad decision yet. I use baskets in my bathrooms, the play room, my son’s room, the laundry room – everywhere! They keep me organized and look good enough to leave out. They also help by hiding some stuff that I don’t want to see every day.
  5. Crock Pot
    • You can find a crock pot anywhere – and if you’re not using one on busy days, then you’re missing out. To prep a meal in 10 minutes before work and then come home and all you have to do is serve is amazing. Here are some of my favorite recipes:
    • Chicken Taco Soup
    • Chicken Burrito Bowls
    • Lasagna
  6. Laundry Service
    • This is probably not as expensive as you think and you don’t have to do this every week. Maybe you can just give yourself a break twice a month and hire out to get your laundry done. On average laundry service is .90 to $3 a pound.
  7. Chore chart and delegate
    • Make sure to get the kids involved at the level they can help. As a working mom you have enough on your plate, plus it teaches the kids to learn responsibility and work ethic. Win, win!
  8. Journal
    • All moms need an outlet – and as a busy mom you might not be able to get on the phone, might not want to talk to a friend about personal issues, or just don’t have time at the moment. A journal is a great place to start. In a journal you can flesh out feelings about any situation, learn more about how you process and handle trials, and sort out thoughts.
  9. Swork It App
    • Physical fitness is required for health – no questions about it. But you may be questioning, how do I find the time? I don’t know what to do at the gym? Or may be like me, thinking that you don’t have the mental capacity to decide what to work on, how many reps to do, etc. Well, the Swork It app is a great place to start. With a minimal monthly fee, it’s like having a personal trainer. You can just follow the workouts and call it done for the day!
  10. Your favorite lipstick, bottle of wine, whatever!
    • Sometimes as busy moms we just need to treat ourselves. Here’s your permission to do so this week!

What are some of your must haves as a working mom?